AdWords 101 By PPC Professionals

Mastering Google AdWords is an impressive feat for any pay-per-click manager. It can easily take years to gain a complete understanding of the intricacies and nuances of the most well known PPC program. A seemingly simple concept, pay-per-click advertising not only involves writing an attention-grabbing ad, it requires a strong grasp of consumer … [Read more...]

Why keyword negatives are important

What are keyword negatives and why are they important? While many people design their campaigns in Google Adwords around positive keywords, keyword negatives play just as great a role in helping Google to determine the authenticity and validity of a given site. If a particular site chooses keywords that wrongly attract thousands of visitors, the … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Running Broad Keywords

There are three major choices to select from when you are creating a Pay Per Click (PPC) account and an ad campaign with Google Adwords or Microsoft adCenter—exact keywords, phrase keywords and broad keywords. When using exact match keywords, search terms entered in a search engine must be exactly the same as your keywords in order for your ad to … [Read more...]

Why Keyword And Key Phrase Relevance Is Important

Search engine optimization draws on the relevance of a keyword. Broad definitions for a search term can lead to results that include multiple industries, services and products. A specific keyword will allow users to produce the highest key phrase relevance, but searchers need to know what those words are to achieve these results. When designing a … [Read more...]

Multiple Products Equal Multiple Online Brands

Having traditional brands can limit the amount of information available on multiple products that are marketed to consumer groups. Expanding a company to include multiple product websites can increase the relevance of searches and improve the visibility of each product and the parent company. Conversion rates are improved since each product website … [Read more...]

Site Mapping

A site map is an index of the pages on your web site and serves two purposes. It provides visitors with an alternative way to navigate your pages and it makes it easier and faster for the search engines to evaluate and rank your valuable information. A good site map will let your visitors see your entire layout at a single glance. While most … [Read more...]

Google’s Farmer Update

In late February of 2011, search engine Google issued a “farmer update” reflecting a change in how it would assign page rankings based on the quality of the content sites displayed. Prior to this, many sites known as “content farms” had displayed poorly written or heavily plagiarized content in an attempt to boost their page rankings. The … [Read more...]

Why bread Crumbs are important how they can impact your organic rankings

In search engine parlance, bread crumbs are more specific links to certain subpages or popular items on a website. These links are listed below the main site in the organic rankings on the search engines. They often carry a brief description along with a link to that particular page or item. Bread crumbs are particularly important to organic … [Read more...]

Meta Descriptions and Title Descriptions: Why They are Important

Have you ever wondered how the major search engines decide what to display under each site's entry in the results pages? You can rest assured that such content is not selected at random. It is in the best interests of a site like Google to provide users with clear, concise ideas about what they will find on any given page. As a result, meta … [Read more...]

Meta Keywords are dead, but don’t give them up!

Meta keywords are those keywords that follow one of the “meta” tags in the HTML header information of a website. There are several meta tags, including one for a general description of the website’s content. Despite many rumors to the contrary, meta tags are not nearly as important in determining a page’s rank as the actual content of the … [Read more...]

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